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“Anonamas is very easy on the ears. She comes complete with her own soulful sound that seems void of that post neo-soul pretension that rears its ugly head every so often. While comparisons to Jill Scott and others may have some merit, it is quite evident that Anonamas has found her own voice, and so far she seems to be using it very well. Truth Thru Fiction is a simple, beautiful and yet powerful album, made up of layered grooves, well written lyrics and a desire to make friends with whoever is listening. Learning from the mistakes of others, Anonamas creates images that are easy to relate too. Working up her strengths by surrounding herself with music guaranteed to keep the listener in room, she creates mood music for that time of day when the world gets quiet and all you have are your thoughts for company.”

“Come on, clap your hands” Anonamas ask… and by close of play that truly is the order of the day to this majestic neo soul album. Beats are strong; rhythms gripping and lyrics thought provoking enough to rank this album high amidst its peers in 2006. For heads bouncing around labels Tru Thought; BBE; Stones Throw and to artists floating around the Mitsu the Beats; Madlib; Ndambi waters will find comfortable refuge here. This sometimes hypnotic collection of ideas comes across as a tried and tested sound rather than the fact of it being a brand new project. Subtle grooves and vocals clarity pull together music for today with maximum impact. There’s no weak links here, proud work by anyone’s standards.”