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What They Say...

"Anonamas is very easy on the ears. She comes complete with her own soulful sound...Truth Thru Fiction is a simple, beautiful and yet powerful album."

-Enyi Emesih,

Listener Reviews of Truth Thru Fiction


Beautiful, spiritual experience...
The musical journey Anonamas takes you on is breathtaking. Her soul is beautiful. I especially enjoyed the tribute to Mother Africa. "So many take from you to live, but no one gives". This album is profoundly unique.

    Gary F

Jazz-Blues Soul
The production on this Album is fantastic! It has a Jazzy Bluesy feel to it and her mellow distinctive vocals really flow with the music. Definately needs to be heard by all who like quality music and lyrics.Getting this made my day, especially tracks 2 & 3.

Awww man, this is sooo smooth. I love it, you can listen to this everyday and never get tired. This is played in my office as well and now everyone is in the groove.

This CD is amazing. I love Anonamas's voice and the beats are perfect. If you love the soulful jazz aspect of hip hop, then this CD is for you. Excellent work!


smooth and sexy
cool, hot, soulful sound. never have i heard such passion in ones voice. the pain of love, the joy of love. wow!!!! she has it all!! go get the CD and play it loud!!!!